100×100 Industrial Steel Buildings

A 100×100 steel building from Steel Building Canada is a cost-effective, flexible building option for your business.

Available in heights of 16 feet to 30 feet, our 100×100 steel building packs provide high levels of flexibility to organize your space to meet your business requirements. Available in a clear span or multi-span frame, our steel buildings provide sizeable uninterrupted floor space for equipment, people, vehicles, and various workspaces.

100×100 steel buildings are the perfect building solution for applications including:

  • Manufacturing – workshops, office space, and storage
  • Industrial – workshops, warehouses, and production lines
  • Agricultural – riding arenas, storage space for vehicles and heavy equipment, hay, and livestock
  • Aviation – aircraft hangars and shade structures
  • Commercial – automotive dealerships, office buildings, server farms, and strip malls
  • Recreational and Community Centers – gyms, fitness centers, indoor basketball or soccer courts, and churches

Our steel building packs are built from long-lasting, durable steel, requiring less maintenance than traditional building materials. You also benefit from faster construction and lower energy costs over the lifespan of the building. 100×100 metal buildings are designed to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

100×100 metal buildings are fully customizable for your operational and aesthetic requirements. Some of the custom options available include:

  • Roll-up and sectional doors
  • Overhead doors
  • Man doors
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Interior lining packages
  • Overhangs
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Wainscoting

Each 100×100 steel building pack is engineered to meet local and national building regulations and provide outstanding protection against extreme temperatures, weather, and corrosion. We design and manufacture each building pack to your exact requirements and ship to all points across Canada.

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Why Choose Steel Building Canada?

As an A660 certified company with over 40 years of experience, Steel Building Canada is one of the most trusted names in the pre-engineered steel building industry. We are your single-source solution for all your metal building needs, including consultation, planning, designing, construction, and remodeling. Our dedicated team of project managers, draftsmen, engineers, and fabrication specialists has the experience and expertise to design a steel building to meet the needs and requirements for any application. We also offer building specials for both Eastern & Western parts of Canada.

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