Industrial Steel Buildings

Steel Building Canada has over 40 years of experience designing and building industrial steel buildings, including metal warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. Our pre-engineered metal building system offers various benefits and options (both interior and exterior) for industrial and warehouse applications. In addition, our metal buildings are versatile, durable solutions that are customized to fit any requirements for your particular industrial needs and requirements.

Industrial buildings are enclosures that provide functional space for specific activities, including crane or suspended equipment usage, moving machinery, climate-controlled spaces, inventory, offices, and provisions multi-level areas such as mezzanine floors. 

We understand that the design of industrial steel buildings is affected by many factors, and we specialize in understanding and anticipating these needs. As a result, we design durable, cost-effective industrial buildings that not only meet your current functional space requirements but are versatile enough to adapt to your future needs as well.

industrial metal building

Industrial Clearspan Buildings

The Clearspan capabilities of our steel industrial buildings offer wide-open interior spaces that offer unparalleled versatility and customization. Due to its flexibility in design, we can quickly build highly long or wide structures to accommodate your production line and processing equipment— the eave heights can accommodate overhead crane systems and mezzanines for storage and office spaces. Whether investing in new construction, rebuilding, or expanding, our pre-engineered metal buildings are reliable, durable, & cost-effective. 

a leader in the building industry for over 35 years

Clearspan industrial building

Building With Your Needs In Mind

Our design process can take into consideration all of the custom components that your functional space requires. We understand the accurate design of your warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility, and any other industrial building application is critical to the success of your business operations. Before the detailed design and construction of your industrial steel building, Steel Building Canada takes the following needs in mind:

  • Space optimization
  • Functional space requirements
  • Speed of construction
  • Service integration
  • Compartmentation and mixed use
  • Number of floors
  • Flexibility of use
  • Environmental performance
  • Service integration
  • Thermal performance and insulation
  • Weather and water tightness
  • Fire safety
  • Lighting
  • Design life

5 Benefits of Industrial Steel Buildings

Our industrial steel buildings are both functional and attractive. They are strong, durable, offer increased longevity, and are virtually trouble and maintenance-free. Our pre-engineered steel buildings retain their strength and value for decades to provide superior return-on-investment. The following are some of the benefits of our industrial steel buildings:

  1. Affordable—Our prefab steel agricultural buildings offer numerous short- and long-term economic advantages. Steel is the most economical, versatile building material that provides a longer life span and lower maintenance requirements, translating to cost savings over the long life of your building.
  2. Speed of Construction—Our pre-engineered steel kits are fabricated to your exact standards and arrive ready to bolt together for quick assemble, saving time and money on construction while increasing the project’s speed to market.
  3. Design Flexibility and Adaptability—Our metal industrial buildings offer superior architectural and design flexibility to meet virtually any industrial application. We offer numerous customizable design options, including a variety of exterior and interior options. Also, our steel buildings provide ease of expansion when more space is required to accommodate and adapt to future needs.
  4. Reliability and Durability—Compared to other building materials, steel offers superior strength and durability. Our steel warehouses and industrial buildings can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and the wear and tear of indoor industrial functions and operations.
  5. Environmentally Sustainable Option—Compared to traditional building materials, steel is a highly sustainable option. Our steel buildings contain over 25 percent recycled steel and are 100 percent recyclable. Also, our facilities are adaptable to energy-efficient insulation systems that allow you to reduce energy costs and provide a stable air environment for climate-controlled buildings to protect your invaluable resources and business operations.

Applications of Industrial Steel Buildings

Steel Building Canada offers numerous design options and pre-engineered steel buildings in a wide range of sizes and configurations. In addition, we have extensive experience and expertise in constructing different kinds of commercial steel buildings. The following are just some of the building types we have designed and built over the years.

  • Production plant
  • Equipment storage
  • Oil and gas building
  • Processing plant
  • Recycling center
  • Industrial park
  • Truck terminal

Standard Steel Building Sizes

Our prefabricated steel buildings are fully customizable with a variety of exterior and interior options to suit. Below are a few commonly requested building sizes that we offer. Don’t see your size? Contact us to design any size metal building from 30′ to 700′ in length, built according to your needs.

40 X 30 ft

50 X 50 ft

60 X 40 ft

80 X 60 ft

100 X 100 ft

40 X 60 ft

50 X 60 ft

60 X 100 ft

80 X 150 ft

100 X 200 ft

40 X 80 ft

50 X 100 ft

60 X 120 ft

80 X 200 ft

100 X 300 ft

Why Choose Steel Building Canada?

As an A660 certified company with over 40 years of experience, Steel Building Canada is one of the most trusted names in the pre-engineered steel building industry. We are your single-source solution for all your metal building needs, including consultation, planning, designing, construction, and remodeling. Our dedicated team of project managers, draftsmen, engineers, and fabrication specialists has the experience and expertise to design a steel building to meet the needs and requirements for any application. Contact us to begin customizing a long-lasting, versatile, and economical solution to fit your industrial steel building needs.


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